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How It Started

In 1991, the operator of the Mesquite Mine anticipated the mine closing by the end of the decade and desired to continue beneficial use of this developed property. From this desire sprang the concept for the Mesquite Regional Landfill-a new, long-term industry for Imperial County that would use the mine’s soil stockpiles as well as the mine’s water and power supply systems. The nearby railroad tracks, dry climate and distance from groundwater also make this site well suited for a regional landfill that could serve Southern California for generations. The following steps were implemented to move this large innovative project from concept to completion.

• April 1992 — Application for landfill filed with Imperial County

May 1992 to June 1995 — Preparation of Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR)

• Sept. 1995 — Unanimous approval by Imperial County Board of Supervisors / EIR certified / Conditional Use Permit issued

• Sept. 1995 — Approval of Development Agreement describing host fee and power production revenues o be paid to Imperial County

• Nov. 1995 — Unanimous approval by Regional Water Quality Control Board / Waste Discharge Requirements issued

• Nov. 1995 — United States Fish and Wildlife Service issues Biological Opinion stipulating requirements for protection of plants and animals

• Jan. 1996 — Consultation completed by California State Historic Preservation Office

• Feb. 1996 — BLM issues Record of Decision approving the project and grants right-of-way for rail spur

• Jan. 1997 — Land exchange with BLM completed after challenge rejected by Appeals Board (November 1996) and U.S. District Court (January 1997)

• Mar. 1997 — California Integrated Waste Management Board approves Solid Waste Facilities Permit

• Sept. 1998 — California Department of Fish and Game determines Biological Opinion requirements also meet the standards of the California Endangered Species Act and that additional protective measures are unnecessary

• Nov. 1998 — Imperial County Air Pollution Control District issues Authority to Construct/Permit to Operate

• Feb. 1999 — California Department of Fish and Game issues Streambed Alteration Agreement

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